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UNIVERSE GOVERNMENT- in Universe Government there is a universe and a government. Together they are launched in the enterprise of governing the universe. This enterprise that they are so launched in comes from a source and goes toward a finality. The source is cultural. The culture of the whole species was brought forth by collective geniality and individual geniality. The finality seems, at this very moment, to be a gathering into the virtual space. The Universe Government wants to be the consciousness of this gathering. The longing for universal identity exists. It is an option of expansion for the self out of strict nationality. It has spung out of the great works of Arts, the schism set into the lore by post-Renaissance science and the disbalance of natural laws in the structures of society and politics as the irreversible disarray of Nature was realised through human work in the industrial perspective. Also, it has always been there in the hearts of the most adventurous. /-/ Into these premises, the UG knows itself but a little more than the pulsion that it is within the Idea, therefore, it has to be. It offers itself to creativity and togetherness on site. The universe here on focus is ideal. It is, at the starting point, a feeling located into the cortex at the transition to the psychic. The UG is right now the exact state that the Philosopher of old defined as the happiness of being together. This happiness will accumulate the infrastructures of the image of our convergence. By this image, our spirits will be upgraded to a level of vision wich is the filling of the finality of this enterprise. Then, it will be possible to emit a conclusion, short as this presentation. Until then, the UG is under action.

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Here is a little about UG projects.

Among the different activities, first we will create :

  1. a business directory

  2. a citizen directory

  3. an electronic payment system

  4. an auction system for the various government task to be performed

  5. Third party exchange network application interconnection

Then citizens and registered business will get work and pay there bills through our system. This is how phase one of the project looks like.

The Big Picture

The main UG goal are as follow:

  • Promote peace

  • Build affordable space ship

  • Control extra-terrestrial pollution

  • Upkeep service center in the outer space

  • Prepare unlimited space for human growth

  • Develop extra-terrestrial life style for it citizen

Unfortunately these are long term objective.

With shorter term

Here are some way we intend to use in order to raise sufficient capital :

  • Sale of our brand through clothes

  • Sale of our own beverage

  • We accept donation

  • On line casino

  • Finance

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