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Service level agreement (SLA)

With the UG contact center you can expect the fastest timely manner. Our goal is simple; maintain a zero drop call policy.

Secure electronic payment

With the launch of our new monetary system, business will get the opportunity to trade their product trough an electronic network such as the Internet without paying discount rate. Government will directly provide imprinter plate and other resources. All this is to insure the highest card acceptance ever. In fact end user will be using their UG passport in order to pay within a network like major credit card provider. These passports will be available to anyone. Passport will bring the ability to use a new currency completely electronic. Only registered merchant will be able to accept the passport card. This system will integrate with current one at no cost.

Cash settlement service

Our commitment to track every transaction in detail. Infrastructure will always be available in order to let you know exactly what happen with your money. With a UG authorization number, you can track a payment status. This is to simplify cash settlement and dispute resolution.

Dispute resolution

We insure that within proper delay complaint will be addressed to qualified supervising authority. This will help us built the code of common sense.

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